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Sybase provides open, cross-platform solutions that securely deliver information anytime, anywhere, enabling customers to create an information edge.
With Sybase Data Auditing, organizations that use Sybase ASE databases to store business critical data will be able to:
Sybase has received the "Workplace Excellence Award" for the Greater Washington, D.
Sybase plans to leverage the Dejima technology to add natural spoken and text access through common messaging interfaces to backend systems such as databases and enterprise applications -- revolutionizing the way business is conducted and freeing critical information for easy access by non-technical end users.
For more information or to register for Sybase TechWave 2008, please visit: http://www.
4 terabytes of user data, is based on Sun's EDW Reference Architecture and Sybase IQ technology.
From May 12 through June, all text messaging fees earned via the China Mobile network - using the Sybase 365 hub - to and from the Sichuan Province will be donated to help humanitarian activities, and assist families and friends to be in touch with one another.
Our goal is to provide Sybase customers with more knowledge and greater performance, at the lowest possible cost.
The first highlight of this program is the launch of the Sybase DBA Network hosted on the Xing business networking platform, located at: http://www.
Sybase PowerBuilder was used to develop an intuitive interface that works closely with established MDOT business practices, as well as maintaining dynamic capabilities.
Sybase's Annual Meeting will take place at its corporate headquarters located at One Sybase Drive, Dublin, California 94568.
The alliance between Sybase and SGI provides an important foundation for the development of solutions that focus on the unique data management requirements of the government, healthcare sciences and media markets.