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Merla-Ramos (2000) found that paranormal believers tended to have poorer syllogistic reasoning ability than disbelievers, but only for syllogisms that included a paranormal or religious content.
If preachers teach by reworking generalized themes and rely on authorities and syllogistic reasoning, orators impress through panegyric, figures of speech, and description.
The probability heuristics model of syllogistic reasoning.
By submitting aphorism to false syllogistic reasoning and fact to delightful narrative uncertainty, she exposes the mechanics of self-deception: whereby we use logical language systems in order to relieve our doubts and excuse our mistakes.
A different approach to the accusation of syllogistic reasoning in Western theology would be to bracket the question of whether Western theology is syllogistic in the second, looser sense and then investigate what is objectionable in such nonexplicit use of syllogisms.
The classical thinkers, said Strauss, deemed the philosophical task to be not merely the construction of ever more refined chains of syllogistic reasoning but rather the doctoring of souls.
Its syllogistic reasoning thus complete, the court vacated the district court's finding that in conjunction with Santa, Frosty, and the sled, Jersey City's menorah and creche were no longer religious symbols, but secular holiday decorations.
In the final chapter Spires examines some of the new discursive practices that surface in the years 1985-89, the period which most clearly records a shift away from centralization, paternalistic hierarchies, and syllogistic reasoning, which Spires deems the "pillars of Western tradition.