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During development, neuroplasticity driven by visual-spatial experiences coded in the right inferior parietal lobe might cause expansion and push the sylvian fissure forward and up (Binder et al.
Although the term planum temporale was originally coined to describe the posterior surface of the sylvian fissure in the temporal lobe, some authors have used the term to include both the PT, in the temporal lobe, and the PP, in the parietal lobe.
Formation of the Sylvian fissure and insula begins during the 14th week of gestation, between the orbitofrontal and temporal lobes.
The imaging appearance can vary from wide Sylvian fissures, thickening of the cortex, localized polymicrogyria of the insula, and thickened or shallow gyri and they may be accompanied by anomalous vessels.
There is a coronal configuration of the sylvian fissures which are continuous across the cerebral vertex.
There is 'staining' or lining of the meningeal surface of predominantly the cerebellum, brainstem and cord, but this may also include the sylvian fissures more superiorly.