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Another way of depicting the six symbiotic relationships between the four groups of players in the New ICT Ecosystem is to show the interactions directly, abstracting from the layers within which the players are situated.
The multidimensionality of the symbiotic relationships
Exhibit 5--Dimensions of the symbiotic relationships Dimension A Purchase-Sale (financial flow) B Input-Output (material flow) C Information Flow D Input Flow into the Innovation Process
Example 4: Symbiotic relationships 2 and 5 between network element providers/network operators, and content and applications providers
Each of the symbiotic relationships occurs within a specific context that shapes the nature of the relationship.
Four sets of influences on the symbiotic relationships are depicted in Exhibit 6.
These institutions determine the 'rules of the game' under which the symbiotic relationships operate.
Until this point in the discussion it has been assumed that innovation emerges from the symbiotic relationships in the New ICT Ecosystem, contextualised by competition and institutions.
Certainly, much of the innovation that takes place in the New ICT Ecosystem, over time transforming it, is of the latter kind, emerging as we have seen from symbiotic relationships.
It is in this way--though the symbiotic relationships occurring within specific contexts of competition and institutionality, through Schumpeterian entrepreneurs, and through innovative new entrants--that variety is generated by the production of new products, processes, forms of organisation and markets.
9) These innovations emerge from the symbiotic relationships between the four groups of players that have been identified at the level of abstraction of the New ICT Ecosystem used in this paper, interacting within their environment (although the importance of intra-layer and intra-firm innovation processes and interactions with other ecosystems, while not examined in detail here, has also been acknowledged).
First, each symbiotic relationship involves the purchase-sale of goods or services, that is Dimension A.