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develop concept of multi-disciplined technical infrastructure with a symbolic link to the existing network and road systems in the field of local development plan.
A RARE rail coal truck will provide a symbolic link to the past for a major new Midland business park - thanks to a Birmingham museum.
It'd be a symbolic link between the university and the natural environment in which it nests.
But opposition to granting them official status remains due to their symbolic link to Japan's military past.
Over the years, the cenotaph atSt George's Hall in Liverpool city centre has provided a fitting and spectacular backdrop to the annual commemoration service and has played host to veterans of the Boer War, the two world wars and all other conflicts involving British servicemen Resplendent in their poppy-adorned military attire, the former soldiers remind us of the sacrifices made by armed forces personnel in years gone by and of those currently serving their country in foreign lands And for those fortunate enough never to have been to war, the presence of the veterans, wearing their poppies "with pride" as the old slogan implored, marks a symbolic link with the past and in particular with Merseyside's significant military history.
That gives the building a symbolic link to the contemporary world, and to the city that lies beyond, concealed within its river valley.
There is a blatant symbolic link to the subconscious.
Mrs Oakes said: "There is also the symbolic link be-tween lanterns and the town's mining heritage.
Cesareo finds a symbolic link between the Crusades and the Conquest.
Parker's embroidered book, Sidney's jeweled whip, and Elizabeth's butterfly are all gifts that rely upon the symbolic link between the gift and its giver in order to create a bond between the giver and the recipient.

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