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This could also be observed in the Kuria groups--written documents and by-laws carried strong symbolic significance and served to legitimize the groups within the local political hierarchy, but offered little formal recourse for disputes.
More recently, Michael Zeitlin has analyzed the story's articulation of the presidents unknowability in terms of the psychological symbolics promulgated by the postmodern media environment: "The President may be nothing but an image inseparable from the technology that projects it, but this does not prevent the image from assuming a powerful, personal, intimate proximity, indeed from taking up residence in the agitated souls of those whose lives, as a consequence, unfold in perpetual relation to it" (66).
And, it should be noted, this transition is accompanied by a transmutation of the political contestation: the symbolics of nature here become the urban thematics that Moretti associates with the classic European Bildungsroman and claims is absent in American coming-of-age stories.
For John, in particular, the performance of hypermasculinity seems designed to mask a sense of powerlessness, as he claims the symbolics of masculine power (in this case the car) without having access to the underlying material circumstances.
The Symbolics dance troupe tutted their way into third place and received a BD500 gift card.
People learn in different ways, whether as audio or visual learners, or symbolics who learn through reading and writing, or kinaesthetic learners who learn through doing.
The symbolics of blood in vampire literature and films, although analysed by critics, have often been confined within the privileged discourses of psychoanalysis or historicist readings.
First 100 Kyrgyzstan citizens will receive red T-shirts with Kyrgyzstan symbolics," the statement of the association said.
A brief definition of the trinitarian God of orthodox faith would then be all that a fundamental theology (drawing from symbolics and dogmatics) would need.
Center, dings, and charisma: reflections on the symbolics of power.
Human speech communication aids in the development of localizing, isolating, and the functional naming power, the symbolics of spoken words during the abstraction process (Dance, 1967a, b, 2007/2008; Luria and Yudovich, 1966).
Gendering of Melancholia: Feminism, Psychoanalysis, and the Symbolics of