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2012) Azelnidipine attenuates glomerular damage in Dahl salt-sensitive rats by suppressing sympathetic nerve activity.
With this background, the aim of the present study was to characterize the interrelationship between renal sympathetic nerves and RAS and their contribution to the regulation of renal sodium and water handling under conditions of enhanced RSNA in spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR).
At the Baker Medical Research Institute in Australia, the method was introduced to characterize sympathetic nerve function and central nervous system turnover of norepinephrine in depression, heart failure, hypertension, panic disorder, and obesity (4).
Sympathetic nerves bridle the parasympathetic mechanism.
Cederholm et al (13) studied the effect of different concentrations of ropivacaine on motor, sensorial and sympathetic nerve function.
The stellate ganglion block is an injection of local anaesthetic in the sympathetic nerve tissue, located either side of his voice box.
That means its actions mimic those actions produced by stimulation of the sympathetic nerves, as noted above.
It is thought that this regulation by sympathetic nerves was not fully achieved in patients with autonomic dysfunction.
The results of these studies may explain the efficacy of beta-blockers, drugs that block the activity of sympathetic nerves, in the prevention of sudden cardiac death," Chen says.
A physician-friend told me it has something to do with sympathetic nerves.
Another reason that may account for the link between the two conditions is that depression stimulates the sympathetic nerves.