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SYNDIC. A term used in the French law, which answers in one sense to our word assignee, when applied to the management of bankrupts' estates; it has also a more extensive meaning; in companies and communities, syndics are they who are chosen to conduct the affairs and attend to the concerns of the body corporate or community; and in that sense the word corresponds to director or manager. Rodman's Notes to Code. de Com. p. 351; Civ. Code of Louis. art. 429; Dict. de Jurisp. art. Syndic.

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Deuxiemement, l'appelant aurait du s'apercevoir, a la lumiere du rapport du 15 decembre 2000 que le syndic a presente a The Seier Group Inc.
The news was reported Thursday by the factory's syndic, attorney Stefan Georgiev, cited by Darik Radio.
This plan must be accepted by the syndic judge, approved by creditors and confirmed by the syndic judge and only after that can be implemented.
47) David Hudson, "The Regent, Fleury, Jansenism, and the Sorbonne," in French History 8:2 (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1994): 145, 148; for "purifying" the "citadel" and "sanctuary," see Antoine Le Rouge eulogizing the Faculty Syndic Romigny, in Nouvelles ecclesiastiques, 14 octobre 1740: 171.
Syndic Geedanie North Miami FL Miami Northwestern Senior Beach Tiffany Bell-Ortiz Orlando FL Ocoee Troy Williams III Tampa FL DW Waters Career Center Christopher Braz Stone GA Miller Grove Mountain Johnte Green Lithonia GA New Birth Christian Academy Joshua Postell Atlanta GA D.
Sur les quatre-vingt-dix hommes de notre corpus, quarante-deux, soit 47 %, ont ete depute, juge de paix, officier de milice, syndic scolaire, marguillier, ou encore syndic paroissial (41).
L'Inquisiteur therefore shows the goodness and simplicity of the reformists' faith, as personified by the "enfants" in the piece, and the hypocrisy and venality of the Inquisitor who resembles Noel Beda, "le syndic de la Faculte de theologie, l'authentique epouvantail de l'evangelisme et de l'humanisme jusqu'en 1535 [.
Roederer, Procureur-General Syndic of the Department of Paris, E.
Though the Moravian leader Count Nicholas Ludwig von Zinzendorf, visiting Pennsylvania in late 1741 to early 1743, played a major role from the beginning and at times functioned as Syndic or Moderator, the Moravian Church did not formally join until the seventh meeting in June when the arrival of Moravians from overseas gave them enough members to constitute a church.
Some minor issues: the Sandekis mentioned, the worthy man who holds the infant for ritual circumcision, and the etymology of this term is given as syndic, but without explanation of meaning.
000 m2, porte notamment sur la construction de 15 blocs d'appartements totalisant 315 unites de logement, deux commerces de proximite, deux bureaux de syndic, une maison de jeunes, des parkings, ainsi que des amenagements paysagers (espaces verts, chemins pietons).
Even though Althusius had already begun to establish a scholarly reputation with his first and second books, it was the Politica that seems to have been instrumental in securing for him an attractive offer to become syndic of Emden in Friesland.