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SYNDIC. A term used in the French law, which answers in one sense to our word assignee, when applied to the management of bankrupts' estates; it has also a more extensive meaning; in companies and communities, syndics are they who are chosen to conduct the affairs and attend to the concerns of the body corporate or community; and in that sense the word corresponds to director or manager. Rodman's Notes to Code. de Com. p. 351; Civ. Code of Louis. art. 429; Dict. de Jurisp. art. Syndic.

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After the appointment, syndics NHDC estates residents are encouraged to supplement Government s contribution.
Critics applauded the series: this provides a new perspective and tells of the conclusion of the war with the Syndics, where Geary has been promoted to Fleet Admiral with a newly christened First Fleet to command.
When master craftsman Rembrandt van Rijn received the commission to do a group portrait of the Syndics of the Cloth Guild (1662) and portrays these industrious burghers so diligently busy at their financial dealings they hardly can take time, it seems, to look the portrait painter's way, the art object produced gives crafty imaginative insight into the Dutch ethic of doing business in the prosperous 1600s a.
Among the dimensions she explores are administrators, public office and patrician family strategies, imperial justice, syndics, and fault lines of empire.
In another, he unearths evidence of the survival of assemblies and syndics well into the seventeenth century, hardly to be expected in a pays d' election.
My traversing of Darwin's rich archives was greatly abetted by Dr John van Wyhe (Director, Darwin Online) and I am grateful that both he, and the Syndics of Cambridge University Library, allowed for the reproduction of Darwin archive imagery and whose designs herein testifies to the graphic skills of Andrew Hall (Cambridge Archaeological Unit).
n) alors que l'Etat cree l'Institution royale des 1801 et que sont etablies en 1829 les ecoles de syndics qui visent a instruire toute la jeune population bas-canadienne.
A burghers' patriciate was formed of the Regents and Syndics who governed public institutions and the vigilante officers of the militia.
Despite the rising popularity for brighter and more finely painted work toward the end of his life, Rembrandt retained a following for his darker broadly-painted creations as demonstrated by important portrait commissions such as the Syndics of the Drapers' Guild of 1661-62 and the large number of self-portraits he produced.
The Syndics once again have the Alliance fleet surrounded and after executing all Alliance officers, they expect that fleet personnel will become fodder for their mining operations.
By permission of the Syndics of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.