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The Synergize RF system delivers read rates of up to 228 kbps compared to 128 kbps for other point-to-point systems and 38.
This progressive relationship will allow these two companies to effectively synergize their collective knowledge into a larger and more efficient vehicle to deliver the best, most technologically advanced products in the industry today," stated Doug Holmberg, national sales and marketing director of Grabber Construction Products.
The primary conclusion is that HDAC inhibitors offer the potential to synergize with both classic and targeted cancer therapies.
My new role as Regional President will allow us to synergize the marketing efforts of both the Hilton and Resorts, thereby creating programs that will provide even greater benefits for our customers," added Rodio.
SourceOne licensed the exclusive worldwide distribution rights to this ingredient from KGK Synergize.
The two products together become more active than as individual components, so they synergize - hence the name Cynergy," said Sigurjonsson.
One answer, the report says, is to spark venture capital interest in the area by proposing a $50,000 competition among the region's high-technology start-up companies to help synergize and leverage the vast capabilities of the area's clean energy intelligence and research expertise.
Hypnotic Treatment Synergizes the Psychological Treatment of Fibromyalgia: A Pilot Study.
Through strategic planning, board and business development, sales and market analysis, and research, TenHoor & Associates augments and synergizes existing client capabilities, improves organizational performance, and facilitates growth.
It is based on an invention that synergizes the functional and sensory properties of three hydrophilic vegetal waxes.
ZD Internet president Wenda Harris Millard said that "PC Magazine has always been a leader and pioneer in exploiting the online medium so that it closely synergizes with the print medium.