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This, coupled with the fact that the company is involved in every aspect of the process for all Synergized raw materials, allows SPL to stay ahead of the accelerating growth demands of the organic industry.
The mere fact Giorgio and KC are veterans of the recording business from both sides of the spectrum, have keenly peaked our interest to align ourselves with you and your organization, for we feel that our combined and synergized contacts, resources and acumen will prove to be a true winning combination for all parties involved.
Pharmacodynamic data was also presented showing clofarabine synergized mechanistically with ara-C, giving strong biochemical rationale for combining the drugs.
His group concept of an integrated and synergized collection of international companies has proven to generate greater sales at lower cost, resulting in record setting earnings.
I believe the strengths of these individual businesses can be synergized across Standex, which will position Standex to provide more of the engineered products and customer solutions that help drive industrial growth around the world.