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The diffeonic extension of the relation, being just a set of things that are simultaneously recognized as different instances of the property or syntax s which describes them, is inside the parentheses; the synetic intension which describes or distributes over the extension is to the left.
After a decade of presenting shows at venues throughout the area, including the Kennedy Center and the Shakespeare Theater (and receiving valuable support from both orgs), Synetic is poised to take its local operations to the next level, unveiling its 2012-13 season Sept.
There are no words in Synetic Theater's interpretation of Hamlet but it is performed to the vivid music of Giya Kancheli, and the action indeed speaks at least as loud as words.
The transactional side and the sales and marketing decision process have to be tied together," notes Alex Ring, President of Synetics Group, Orefield, Pennsylvania.
Synetic, a tiny subsidiary of the Stanislavsky Studio Theater that specializes in movement-based productions, received three awards for its 90-minute silent version of "Hamlet.
BEN CUNIS actor, resident fight choreographer, Synetic Theater, Arlington, Va
Developed by Synetic, gamers can now drive the best cars in the world.
Silk Road Theatre Project of Chicago; Synetic Theater of Arlington, Vs.
Other celebrated companies included Synetic Theater, Shakespeare Theatre Company and Studio Theatre.
Developed for TDK Mediactive Europe by Synetic in Germany, and scheduled to release in the fall of 2002 in North America, Mercedes-Benz WorldRacing features:
s Helen Hayes Awards heaped plaudits upon Synetic Theater.
In cooperation with Synetic, a developer based in Gutersloh, Germany, TDK Mediactive Europe and DaimlerChrysler will work closely together to faithfully recreate Mercedes-Benz vehicles and driving experience for next generation video game systems.