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Synonyms -- Access synonyms for all the words in Dictionary.
Also the system semantically retrieves the documents if they contain synonyms of the input terms inferred from the Gene Ontology even if these documents do not contain the exact phrase of the input terms.
Computer scientist Moshe Koppel of Bar-Ilan University, a member of the team that developed the algorithm, noted that one of the interesting results is that the synonyms for "God" weren't that important.
Although each entry contains slightly different information - occasionally there is a "rhymes with" section or basic etymology - it does explain what it means, have examples on how to use the words and suggests synonyms, as well as antonyms.
The texts cover 90 (Ibn Khalawayh), some 200, and up to 400 (Hamza) synonyms.
In contrast, another synonym, "chief executive," is derived from the word "execute," which means "to carry out, or put into effect.
Effective use of synonyms is one of the most powerful ways to make your searches more concrete.
If you are struggling to compete your favourite crossworld or and find an alternative word this brand new pocket size Siko oxford Electronic Thesaurus, Crossword Solver and Spellchecker will provide the soluation every time It user 565,000 Spelling and synonyms licensed Oxford Unversity Press publisher of the world's most trusted dictionaries.
The CD-ROM contains 25,000 chemicals and 150,000 synonyms with full text search and dynamic indexes for locating chemicals by generic name, synonym, trade name, CAS number, SMILES formula, and chemical formula.
It uses over 365,000 spellings and synonyms licensed from Oxford University Press, publishers of the world's most trusted dictionaries.
The book contains word lists from every book in the Bible and includes definitions, synonyms and review questions at the end of each chapter.
The device, which can be integrated into any curriculum, features a nested dictionary, provides synonyms of scanned words and translates words into 25 different languages to support students with definitions in their native language while they develop their English language skills.