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Founded in 1965 as part of Litton Industries, SYNOPTICS is a critical supplier for a diverse commercial business that crosses the medical, industrial and scientific laser markets.
Synoptic is a Greek word that means "to see together.
Pagels claims that reading the Synoptics through the lens of Thomas, rather than, or in addition to, John would have affected how the Synoptics were understood.
Swartley's assessment of the theological significance of his investigation of continuity, discontinuity, and transformation of First Testament faith traditions in the final shape of the synoptic texts opens the way to a significant rethinking of the synoptic shape of the Jesus story.
Our ability to achieve this milestone is due to our focus on quality, capacity and reliability and this is how we separate ourselves from the competition," said Scott Griffin, director of business development for SYNOPTICS and a 28 year employee with the company.
At the Interop show last March, SynOptics unveiled a complete ATM-based networking solution, centered around its 16-port LattisCell ATM switch, adapter cards for workstations, and software for connection and network management.
In another venture, leading intelligent hub vendor SynOptics Communications Inc.
Ludwick brings many years of leadership and entrepreneurial experience to the Board, previously serving as CEO of Bay Networks, a networking company, and as founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of SynOptics, also a networking company.
Ludwick is co-founder of SynOptics Communications and the former CEO of Bay Networks.
In this new harmony, the synoptics have also lost their flavor, including Mark's sandwiching of stories and inclination for occurrences of threes.
McPherson has over 25 years of experience in the computer and computer networking industry including roles at Texas Instruments, 3Com, SynOptics, Bay Networks, Alteon, Nortel Networks, Neterion and most recently PathScale.
Andy Ludwick was the co-founder of SynOptics Communications and the former CEO of Bay Networks.