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Shingles' role includes scheduling new Synthesys framework installations, developing existing installations and customising campaigns for customers.
With Tableau, Digital Reasoning offers its Synthesys users an interface that is easy to comprehend and customize.
6) Our target sample consists, therefore, of all life insurance firms listed in the Synthesys Life Database (regardless of parent).
Training: Synthesys provided training for our training department, who then train the users.
Opera Solutions' predictive analytics capabilities are a perfect complement with Digital Reasoning's Synthesys, and together we look forward to unlocking valuable insights for customers in the financial industry and beyond.
Synthesys has been applied to complex big data analytics challenges in the U.
I acknowledge the financial support of projects NL-TAF-111 and SE-TAF-113 by SYNTHESYS and grant No.
RECENT INDUSTRY ACTIVITY II-18Tektronix Purchases SyntheSys Research II-18Tektronix Signs Agreements with Elektronik-Kontor Messtechnikand CalPlus II-18Reach Technologies Supplies Bit Error Rate Tester to ZodiacData Systems II-18Technical Communities Inks Government Services Agreement withCentellax II-19JDS Uniphase Takes Over Circadiant II-19JDS Uniphase Purchases Innocor II-20
This vision is realized in the flagship solution Synthesys, an application-ready platform for making sense of unstructured data at scale.
Government agencies use Synthesys to detect security threats and accelerate the time between taking in information and turning it into actionable intelligence.
For more information, register for "Introducing Synthesys From Digital Reasoning: Automated Understanding for Big Data," a complementary webcast being held at 11 a.
Operating without a rigid taxonomy or ontology, Synthesys allows the discovery of non-obvious connections hidden in the data, such as alternate meanings of words or "coded" or "disguised" messages.