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Although it should come as no surprise that vividly colored products like Lucky Charms cereal or M&M's candy contain an array of synthetic dyes, they are actually added to most processed foods.
Synthetic dyes have caused allergic-type reactions in some people and hyperactive behavior in some children.
The fibers are attached to backing (made mainly of polypropylene) using synthetic rubber, polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride, or ethylene vinyl acetate, and they are usually dyed using one or more of the thousands of synthetic dyes made from bituminous coal tars (aromatic hydrocarbons).
When synthetic dyes were discovered (mauve was the first, discovered in 1856 by the English chemist William Perkin) they were initially used in textiles, but by 1900 eighty chemical dyes were in use in food in the USA.
1,2] In the 19th century, advances in chemistry resulted in the production of synthetic dyes useful in industry.
This industry manufactures basic organic chemicals (other than petrochemicals), industrial gases and synthetic dyes and pigments.
I'm happy that ALDI is listening to people's concerns about synthetic dyes and eliminating them in all of their products," said Sally Kuzemchak, registered dietitian, author and ALDI advisory council member.
Synthetic dyes can pose many environmental problems, due to the abundance of hazardous chemicals (alkalis, acids, solvents, etc.
MezmerEYES is proudly formulated WITHOUT Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Dyes, Petrochemicals, Phthalates, GMO's and Triclosan.
I think practices continued even in many cases where natural dyes were replaced by synthetic dyes.
While colour is the essence of Holi, the skinfriendly natural dyes used a decade ago have now been replaced by synthetic dyes that have toxic effects.
Nasr Esfahani pointed out that the prepared composite films can be used to degrade some common textile synthetic dyes such as methyl orange, solophenyl red, light yellow (X6G), tertro direct light blue.