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With 218 tables and figures to support the Synthetic Fibers market analysis, this research provides key statistics on the state of the industry and is a valuable source of guidance and direction for companies and individuals interested in the market.
For example, unlike other non-fibrillated synthetic fibers for wetlaid applications, Cyphrex microfibers improve strength, formation and permeability of high-strength paper products--without requiring significant processing compromises.
Indonesia's consumption of synthetic fibers has been dominated by spinning industry predicted to grow 5% a year in the coming years.
According to the Department of Commerce's Office of Textiles and Apparel, in the January to August period of 2003, China exported 10 million square meters of synthetic fiber floor coverings to the United States, compared with 6.
According to McDonald, GrassMaster was developed a company in Holland and uses a machine to inject around 17 million 7-inch synthetic fibers into a grass field.
Toray said it suffered from weak demand for synthetic fibers and resins, as well as a decline in sales of computer-related products amid the global slump in the information technology sector.
890), which would direct the National Institutes of Health to conduct research on the risks dioxin, synthetic fibers and other additives may pose for the 73 million U.
This led to the development of blends of cotton and synthetic fibers.
The bulletin provides additional information on occupational pay, such as earnings distributions, and on the incidence of employee benefits in synthetic fibers manufacturing in the South.
Increase in the demand of and for synthetic fibers, steel fibers, and basalt fibers have been observed in Asia-Pacific due to continued industrialization and growth of the manufacturing sector of the region.
Compared with other synthetic fibers, Eastman Cyphrex flat PET fibers enable impressive tensile, tear and burst strength within a very lightweight nonwoven sheet, as well as outstanding green strength.
The said synthetic fibers are major materials for waterproof and windproof clothes.

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