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In a new report published recently, Fitch explains the basic features of managed synthetics as well as its rating philosophy for such structures.
The base stocks thus produced are of high quality, so much so that they compete with synthetic base stocks.
Please visit new our website today and learn why AMSOIL is the First in Synthetics.
the domestic oil and gas operating division of Exxon Corporation, has introduced new SUPERFLO(C) Supreme Synthetic Blend motor oil to participate in the growing market for motor oils containing synthetic components, the company said today.
Engineers who develop and test synthetics motor oils cite these benefits:
The most recent of these products is the synthetic GIC offered by insurance companies, banks, and investment management organizations.
made the synthetic diamond using carbon atoms containing an extra neutron.
It therefore makes good economic sense to increase production in an orderly fashion, both to meet normal growth related to industrial expansion and to increase the market share of natural rubber vis-a-vis the synthetics.
NEW YORK -- The structured finance CDO market continues to evolve with the Hybrid Synthetic and Cash CDOs as one of the latest innovations.
With word of synthetics coming out of Russia and Germany, the idea of synthesizing must have seemed an exciting field to young chemists, as it did to Maurice Morton, who left an Industrial post in the early 1940s for graduate school at McGill.
In the United States, researchers are now involved in clinical trials of both natural and synthetic adhesives that they hope will eventually be approved for use in everything from skin grafts to cornea repair to nerve surgery.
Synthetic transactions continue to drive growth in the European CDO market.