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For Android Lollipop system images, these come with binary packages that restore supported devices to out-of-the-box or factory states.
When deploying an image to a computer, SmartDeploy's Platform Manager injects the required drivers into the image at boot time, allowing for system images to be created and deployed based on user roles, rather than hardware platforms.
By allowing easy and frequent system image backups, and automating the recovery process for the untrained user, our software fits the fast pace of business today.
HP StorageWorks Scalable File Share -- A self-contained file server that enables bandwidth to be shared by distributing files in parallel across clusters of HP ProLiant servers and StorageWorks arrays, Scalable File Share is designed for high-performance computing environments and allows applications to see a single system image regardless of the number of servers or storage devices connected to it.
Because we support thousands of desktops across many regions and our tax software changes every year, a more stable system image will help us eliminate a significant amount of time spent on image development and testing and will significantly lower our total cost of ownership.
Operating System image options: Microsoft Windows Pocket PC

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