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RUT58-60 is proposed for use as an adjunct therapy in combination with prophylactic systemic antibiotics in abdominal surgical procedures.
CERAMENT|G is an important advancement in the management of osteomyelitis with great potential to enhance outcomes for patients, and improve the health economics of infection management by reducing the systemic antibiotic burden, with less surgical interventions per patient, and less risk of developing antibiotic resistance.
In cases of atopic dermatitis exacerbation with wide-spread weeping lesions, a systemic antibiotic treatment is warranted, with erythromycin no longer being recommended due to an increased resistance rate.
The guidelines include recommendations for prevention and management strategies to address such areas as risk assessment, repositioning, pressure redistribution surfaces, skin care for incontinence, wound cleansing and debridement, use of topical and systemic antibiotics, adjunctive therapies, and patient/family education.
Numerous comparison tables provide quick access to cold and flu products, acne management, treatments for STDs, systemic antibiotics, chemotherapy regimens, immunization schedules, generic availability, and poison antidotes.
Severe sepsis can show clinical features similar to those of malignant hyperthermia, but repeat cultures showed no growth, and the patient was receiving systemic antibiotics.
Brereton, COO of CARE-TECH Laboratories, provider of such infection control products as SATIN, CARE-CREME, and Orchid Fresh II: "Given the failure rate of systemic antibiotics, as well as today's bariatric and diabetic patient loads, continued and more emphatic [preventive] procedures will be paramount to reducing nursing home costs.
She had seen several primary care physicians during this interval and had been prescribed several short courses of systemic antibiotics, including cephalexin, dicloxacillin and doxycycline.
Prior treatments with topical and systemic antibiotics as well as topical steroids failed to stop the progression of the disease.
Several strategies have been attempted to control urinary catheter biofilms: antimicrobial ointments and lubricants, bladder instillation or irrigation, antimicrobial agents in collection bags, impregnation of the catheter with antimicrobial agents such as silver oxide, or use of systemic antibiotics (29).
OTCQB: ORNI) (the "Company") a world leader in oral health probiotics and systemic antibiotics, announced today that John N.
NASDAQ: RTGN), announced today enrollment of the first patient in a Randomized, Double-Blind Phase 1/2 clinical trial to evaluate the safety, tolerability, and potential efficacy of its lead drug candidate, RUT58-60, for use as an adjunct to systemic antibiotics in abdominal surgery.