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The depository institution with the largest [DELTA]CoVaR statistic, Citizens First Bancorp, has less than half the indicated systemic risk of Proquest, the company with the largest [DELTA]CoVaR systemic risk measure among traded firms.
Despite the broad recognition that reinsurance interconnectedness may be a source of systemic risk in the insurance industry, little empirical work has been done to measure the extent of interconnectedness among insurers and reinsurers and to test the significance of this interconnectedness for systemic risk.
First, the Federal Reserve's explicit treatment of "interconnectedness" under BHCA may overlook systemic risk associated with small, but interconnected banks and BHCs.
While the IAIS acknowledges the low potential for systemic risk from regulated insurance activities, we remain concerned with the designations and the methodology that produced the designations for a few reasons.
A comprehensive framework on managing systemic risk involves development of models for adequate assessments of risks posed to the system.
The post Compensating provident funds increases systemic risk, Fiscal Council says appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
The bill defines designated payment system as a payment system that has been determined by the BSP as posing a systemic risk, or having the potential to pose a systemic risk, or when there is necessity to protect the public interest.
The Council will provide a forum for deliberating upon issues related to systemic risk, particularly those having cross-market and stability implications.
A SBP statement issued here said the Council will provide a forum for deliberating issues related to systemic risk, particularly those having cross market and stability implications.
On this basis, they conclude that a two-year delay in clearing for such entities "should not compromise the primary objective of the clearing obligation, which is the reduction of systemic risk.
In this paper, based on the previous studies and the failure of traditional regulatory methods after the global financial crisis in 2008, and combined with China's actual situation, this paper studies the role of systemic risk contribution mechanism to identify important key factors, identify the importance of financial institutions through the quantitative analysis of data, and put forward targeted recommendations and comments for China's systemic risk prudential supervision by empirical analysis of the relevant conclusions.

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