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Similar to the foreman or prime contractor overseeing a new home construction project, it is the systems engineer who ensures that all the architectural pieces come together through the action of the various functional team members while confirming that the system is built in the right order to the specific plans established, and issues and risks are addressed in a timely manner.
However, the disadvantages are similar: The systems engineer has little engineering experience and little specialized systems engineering training.
com indicated more than 2,000 systems engineers were needed across the country.
We needed to provide our acquisition managers and systems engineers with the right level of training to implement systems engineering with rigor within their individual programs/projects.
The latest Rhapsody release offers the systems engineer two new role-oriented packages created to meet each user's specific needs.
Both courses offer a combined lecture and lab environment to teach systems engineers how to proactively manage network vulnerabilities and security threats using McAfee's prioritized approach to vulnerability management, how these new appliances help benefit each organization and how to gain maximum value from Foundstone Enterprise solutions.
I-Logix customers use Statemate to specify the largest, most complex electronics systems currently being developed in the aerospace and automotive markets today," said Neeraj Chandra, Senior Vice President Marketing and Corporate Development, "and to ensure that Statemate continues to help systems engineers reduce development times and boost overall quality, we have extended the technology to handle models that are twice as big while adding workflow enhancements that streamlines project development.
A few engineers felt the manager saw them as free labor rather than as aspiring systems engineers to be developed.
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