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These relevant peptide cancer antigens constitute the basis for developing a range of rationally designed cancer immunotherapies including cancer vaccines, peptide-targeting compounds such as antibodies, soluble T-cell receptors and adoptive cellular therapies.
A monoclonal T-cell receptor band was observed from fresh tissue.
Type II enteropathy-associated T-cell lymphoma: a distinct aggressive lymphoma with frequent T-cell receptor expression.
The T-cell receptor was engineered to bind to cancerous cells with a 30,000-fold improved affinity using technology developed by partners, Immunocore.
New treatments, now under development, aim at blocking the functions of the T-cell receptor and the CD28 molecule in order to dampen attacks on the nervous system.
After T-cell receptor stimulation, most patients also experience a decrease in the production of interleukins, possibly because of a defect in the signal transduction system of CD4 T cells.
If scientists can understand how T-cell receptor genes are switched on and off, and what they direct the immune system to do, they eventually may be able to halt such diseases.
This has resulted in the introduction of new technologies such as DNA vaccine preparation, T-cell receptor peptide vaccine preparation, recombinant vector vaccine preparation, and immunogenic inactivated cell culture vaccine preparation.
The proposed studies will follow a holistic approach and include the investigation of the functional associations of a multitude of molecules in T-cell triggering, ranging from the T-cell receptor and co-receptors, over other proteins such as kinases and phosphatases, to lipids and the cortical cytoskeleton.
Additionally, molecular assay for T-cell receptor [gamma]-chain gene rearrangement demonstrated no evidence of a clonal T-cell population.
Jakobsen said that they use scaffold of the T-cell receptor to make something that is very good at recognising cancer even if it doesn't exist naturally.
The clonal T-cell receptor beta gene rearrangement assays were positive.

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