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ECG findings consistent with pulmonary hypertension and RV ischemia and strain, including complete and incomplete right bundle branch block (RBBB), ST-segment changes and T-wave inversions, the S1Q3T3 pattern, and non-sinus rhythm, had been observed more frequently in patients with RV pressure load (7-9).
Interestingly, serial ECGs demonstrated resolution of his ST segment elevation after four hours, upon which diffuse and deep inferolateral T-wave inversion became prevalent.
2011) described specific T-wave inversion in anterior leads as a normal variant in certain population of Afro-Caribbean athletes.
Electrocardiogram showed right axis deviation with T-wave inversions in [V.
1 mV on at least two contiguous leads) or new symmetric T-wave inversions [greater than or equal to]0.
Side effects noted in this study were one patient with CTC grade 4 neutropenia deemed not related to CA4P and one patient with a grade 2 T-Wave inversion that, upon further analysis, occurred prior to administration of CA4P.
The demonstration of T-wave inversion after the SCD arrest may suggest the occurrence of a transient ischemic episode.