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Participants' English reading level as measured by the TABE varied.
001 TABLE 3 Correlations with TABE Reading Scores (N = 75) Single COMPAS LSI-R Item TABE COMPAS [Vocational/Educational] 1.
la micropropagacion (Figura 1) estaba constituido por coronas e hijuelos basales de infrutescencias de tres variedades de pina amazonicas conocidas localmente como ERUWA CANA (EC), TABE CANA (TC) y GOBERNADORA (GOB), provenientes de los sembradios de pina cultivados por los Piaroa en Betania del Topocho, estado Amazonas, Venezuela.
TI-30xa or TI-30x-IIs recommended) (Developer's comment: TABE does not allow use of calculator, but industry requires speed, and that means using calculators.
Students are administered the TABE during the application and qualification phase of the program.
Of the 75 inmates who enrolled in the education program, 71 completed the four weeks of treatment and both sets of TABE tests.
There are some comprehensive pre-tests that are widely used, such as the TABE (by CTB-McGraw-Hill) for testing the basic skills of adults.
Assessment of the five basic subject areas was covered with the addition of the widely used TABE test for math, languages and reading and the CTBS test for social studies and science.
TABE 9 &10 cover core reading, language, and math skills, and offer optional tests in language mechanics, vocabulary, and spelling.
Based on the skill deficits noted, Unit Team recommends TABE testing to verify literacy skill level and enrollment in the Mock Internet Program by December 2009.
Data sources included attendance sign-in sheets, pre- and post TABE test scores, GED success, gender, age, and ethnicity, and grant applications.