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To prepare gel based vaccine sterile aluminium hydroxide gel was addedat a final concentration of 10 % in the virus suspension having a titer of 104 TCID50 per ml.
Contents of each of the four vials were admixed with aluminum hydroxide gel (AHG) for preparation of the vaccines: (1) BEI-AHG-FMDV with 10-3 units of TCID50, F, 4-8degC, (2) BEI- AHG -FMDV with 10-4 units of TCID50, F, 4-8degC, (3) BEI- AHG -FMDV with 10-5 units of TCID50 F, 4-8degC, (4) BEI- AHG -FMDV with 10-6 units of TCID50 F, 4-8 0C.
6 October 2010 - Australian pharmaceutical company Viralytics Ltd (ASX: VLA) said today that an independent Data Safety Monitoring Committee allowed the company to move to a dose of CAVATAK at 109 TCID50 which is 10 times higher than the dosing just completed in the ongoing Phase I study.
Similar reductions in log10 TCID50 viral titer were observed over the first 48 hours in the two treatment groups, -1.
7] TCIDso/mL); RDT, rapid diagnostic test; TCID50, 50% tissue culture infectious dose.
00 TCID50 induced more than 50 Percent Inhibition (PI) values (protective antibody titer).