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YooMee aims to deploy TDD LTE in its new markets within six months.
LTE TDD is a service designed to be more like home broadband in which transmissions travel in both directions on the same frequency band.
and/or TDD will grow the overall network capacity and increase quality of
We will continuously invest in LTE TDD research and deployment as well as the global expansion of LTE TDD networks.
8220;Greenpacket is working diligently to be the partner of choice for enabling high speed mobile broadband experience on TDD LTE.
The Finland decision follows recent news in Japan, another advanced wireless market, that IPMobile, a Japanese broadband wireless services company, has submitted its application to deploy a UMTS TDD system in the same 2010 MHz spectrum which was recently allocated by the Japanese regulator exclusively for UMTS TDD use.
The Santa Clara County communications center has only one "pretty antiquated" TDD device available for the 15 to 17 dispatchers on duty at any time, according to acting watch commander Tim Hayes.
Large Print Display TTY/TDD - a large print display when attached to a specific TDD produces letters approximately 2 inches in height.
To set up a "conversation," one TDD user takes a phone, inserts it into the acoustic coupler (or directly via RJ-11), and dials an individual with a TDD.
Using a telecommunication device, sometimes called a TDD or a TTY, is perhaps the most ideal strategy at the present time.
With its ability to expand to higher frequencies, the TDD spectrum has become an important resource for the future capacity expansion of LTE operators, particularly frequency division duplexing (FDD) LTE operators.
This report covers air interface standards including GSM, CDMA, W-CDMA, TD-SCDMA, TDD LTE & FDD LTE.