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The P25 TDMA trunking feature is offered across the complete trunking portfolio to address the needs of users ranging from single site to multi-site, multi-zone, including simulcast operations.
Lucent announced growth cabinets that will incrementally increase the capacity of its current Autoplex(R) TDMA PCS Minicell.
Motorola Solutions is on track to deliver Project 25 Phase 2 TDMA trunking in August 2011.
Lucent has been a pioneer in the development and delivery of TDMA digital wireless technology.
The Nortel TDMA 1900 Macrocell is a high-capacity base station designed for cost-effective, modular growth.
We worked with AT&T's communications technicians to ensure that the Model 2760 TDMA Traffic Terminal would immediately meet the needs of the users and are pleased that the operational unit is exceeding technical and performance expectations.
The inclusion of the Micro Digital Elite in Motorola's TDMA family of cellular phones is further evidence of our commitment to our customers to provide the latest technology available in the most convenient package," said Robert N.
Our exhaustive research and extensive testing has proven that TDMA digital technology will give our customers the superior coverage and advanced features they've come to expect of wireless telephony," said Ben Holcomb, executive vice president, BellSouth Cellular Corp.
The fact that the German Patent has withstood a second review, without change, after opposition by three major European telecommunication companies, together with a prior approval of our basic TDMA system patent claims in an opposition proceeding filed by Nokia Cellular Systems Oy in the Finnish Patent Office, is extremely encouraging.
Unlike cdmaOne and GSM, which have predefined evolutionary paths, TDMA is the only major standard not tied to a single migration path.
McCaw Cellular, a longtime proponent of TDMA technology, has said it has tested and is now ready to commercially offer the first all-digital TDMA cellular system in South Florida.
The TDMA Seminar will focus on strategies for wireless TDMA operators migrating to GSM and CDMA technologies.