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We commend the Pima County Board of Supervisors for recognizing the value of this project and reinforcing our shared vision of Pima County as an ideal site for the development of cost effective, large-scale solar projects," said Paul Bonavia, Chairman, President and CEO of TEP and its parent company, UniSource Energy Corporation (NYSE: UNS).
With the leadership of organizations like TEP, we expect those trends to continue.
That equipment includes networked programmable thermostats that will allow TEP system controllers to adjust individual customer settings during times of peak demand.
Participants' energy savings will help TEP work toward the goals established by Arizona's Energy Efficiency Standard, which was approved last year by the Arizona Corporation Commission.
TEP Bright Roofs will be part of more than 125 MW of new solar generating capacity that TEP and its partners are developing in the Tucson area over the next three years.
TEP customers can purchase some or all of their energy through the program, reducing or eliminating their use of conventional power for an affordable price.
In 2008 TEP amended and restated its secured credit facilities, modifying the maximum allowable leverage ratio contained therein from 4.
These new systems, combined with other projects already in the works, will give us access to clean, green energy from a wide variety of reasonably priced renewable generating resources," said David Hutchens, Vice President of Energy Efficiency and Resource Planning for TEP and UniSource Energy.
Energy from Gila River will help TEP offset the potential loss of 508 MW of coal-fired resources, including:
As part of the transaction, Tallgrass Development is granting TEP an 18 month call option to repurchase the newly issued 6.
La demande en energie primaire est passee de 6 millions 136 mille TEP a la fin du mois d'aout 2014, a 6 millions 325 mille TEP a la fin du meme mois 2015, soit une hausse de 3%.
On April 22 1987, TEP Yemen signed the Production Sharing Agreement with the Ministry of Oil and Minerals to develop Block 10 in East Shabwa.