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We're very proud to provide Fort Huachuca with a cost-effective solar power resource that will contribute to the base's long-term energy security," said David Hutchens, President and Chief Operating Officer of TEP and its parent company, UNS Energy Corporation (NYSE: UNS).
quarterly fee payable to TEP of [pounds sterling]20,000.
I shared my experience with other TEP-wearing patients who also reported similar successes after flushing the TEP with warm water.
The house has passed our inspections with flying colors," said Gabe Torres, a TEP Guarantee inspector who conducted two of four inspections on the house.
The Fountain House model allows for clients to experience different kinds of jobs by transitioning from one TEP job to another.
By the end of 2013, TEP expects to have more than 250 MW of renewable generating capacity, enough energy to power the equivalent of approximately 50,000 homes.
The Board of Directors of TEP has declared a distribution of $0.
The grant also calls for TEP to research the true costs and benefits of photovoltaic (PV) arrays installed on customers' homes and businesses.
The obvious advantage of primary TEP placement is that patients are not subjected to a second operation for the acquisition of voice.
Customers who take part in our Power Partners Project will have the opportunity to view their own near-real-time data about how they use energy in their homes," said Denise Smith, Director of Demand Side Resources for TEP.
Project Need : A final report by AHRQ, %Recommendations for a National Mass Patient and Evacuee Movement, Regulating, and Tracking System% released on 02/25/09 recommends developing a coordinated multi-jurisdictional evacuation system that builds on existing resources and procedures available at the state, local, and federal level, and does reference the %EDXL Protocol,% the family of standards that include TEP.
Blair Thomas, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of TEP said, "We are pleased to report that TEP has delivered yet another quarter of strong operating results.