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TON. Twenty hundred weight, each hundred weight being one hundred and twelve pounds avoirdupois. See act of congress of Aug. 30, 1842, c. 270, s. 20.

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At TES, we've developed a range of flexible online teacher training courses, offered through TES Institute, to help increase access and bring more talented people into the teaching profession.
Overall, the most striking feature of TES Orbit is the topical significance of the issues it covers, while maintaining a very readable and visually appealing presentation.
Before establishing TES Aviation, Mr Cooper spent ve years with GE Aviation.
The flow to the TES tank (yellow line) bypasses the thermal load and goes to zero during emergency conditions.
CMC) of the Yulon Group (the largest automobile manufacturing conglomerate on the island) was the first to introduce a TES certified e-scooter model in the domestic market and has been rewarded with the largest market share.
The misconception that TES only provides ELINT support and is only suited for conventional warfare nearly resulted in leaders overlooking the SIGINT capabilities organic to it.
Our partnership with TES means a single, reparameterizable graphics platform can address most applications," said Jeff Lamparter, director of Altera's automotive business unit.
Preservice teachers also completed the TES (Gibson & Dembo, 1984).
David Budge, deputy editor of TES, said: "They seem to have an innate understanding of how a newspaper article should be constructed.
TES is flexible and responsive to the unique demands of the pipejacking and tunneling marketplace.
The In Search of True Ecotourism link leads to reports filed by Megan Epler Wood, TES president, who is currently on sabbatical from TES.
The TES Series multi-anode molded tantalum chip capacitors and the TCH Series hermetically sealed tantalum polymer chip capacitors both provide very low ESR, high capacitance, and high voltage, as well as enable a significant payload reduction for power supplies.