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The TESA-Hite follows in the measuring tracks of its highly successful predecessor, the TESA Micro-Hite, but at a quarter of the price.
The instrument recognizes the TESA probes in use and automatically selects the correct measurement range.
Sixty-five of Oregon's 1,200 schools, including The Village School in Eugene, were granted exemptions to TESA and still use paper-and-pencil tests.
When compared to the time and cost necessary to manually enter usage and billing data from perhaps dozens of carrier sources, it's easy to see how TESA can produce significant savings.
TESA, which has been available to schools since 2001, has been popular with educators, some of whom believe it has helped boost scores.
Fairfield Elementary in the Bethel district has been using TESA for the past three years.
And, while the up-front costs were high, TESA also will save the state money in the long run, officials say, by eliminating the need to print, distribute and score thousands of paper tests.
TESA USA's strategic alliances with national and international engineering firms, allow Alliance members to partner with clients at multiple locations as Tier 1 or Tier 2 suppliers," said Reginald Waters, President of Marketing & Operations for TESA USA.
The settlement provides for Eye Dynamics to reimburse TESA for distribution rights, fees paid and marketing costs incurred.
DDSI has terminated the exclusive distribution agreement with TESA because of the lawsuit action as well as TESA's inability to perform under the terms of the agreement.
TESA is exclusive distributor of DDSI's products for law enforcement and corporate customers to detect impaired performance of individuals caused by alcohol, drugs (legal or illegal), fatigue, stress or other factors.
In a recent "Technology Counts 2003" study reported by Education Week magazine, Oregon's students praised the TESA test as faster and easier to complete than the paper-and-pencil version.