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He had turned down several offers for TESA in recent years, as he had no intention of retiring while he still felt fit, able and enjoyed the work.
Los antigenos TESA evaluados en el presente trabajosonexcretadosespontaneay continuamente en la superficie de los trypomastigotes de Trypanosoma cruzi y estan conformados por polipeptidos de diferentes pesos moleculares, principalmente glicosidasas, glicotransferasas y proteasas; los cuales son reconocidos por los sueros de pacientes chagasicos y han sido denominados antigenos excretados-secretados por trypomastigotes (TESA) en cultivos de Trypanosoma cruzi.
The new TESA program has some additional features that are getting mostly positive feedback.
Officials haven't determined whether computer testing will be mandatory or just recommended, nor have they decided whether it will still be called TESA.
TESA uses Web-based tests to measure the achievement of students, and it has many benefits over conventional paper-and-pencil tests.
For TESA, founded in 1941, this international exposition - perhaps as much as at any other time before it had become a part of the global family of Brown & Sharpe companies - marked an important milestone in its history.
While Patrylak insists the TESA system has been largely reliable this year, dozens of schools have reported problems in recent weeks, prompting department officials to twice tell districts to halt all testing.
Vantage worked with Oregon to develop TESA in 2001.
Word came late Friday that the system, known as TESA, would be back up and running Monday.
After intermittent problems all week, the state Department of Education announced Thursday that the Technology Enhanced Statewide Assessment system - TESA - was down "until further notice.
The gains coincided with a twofold increase in the number of tests administered via TESA, which stands for Technology Enhanced Student Assessment.
Where it takes weeks, sometimes months, to get scores back from the paper-and-pencil tests, TESA offers near-immediate results, giving teachers time before the end of the school year to work with students in areas where they lag.