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If we diagnose new cases with true neurogenic TOS, we can verify the compressive tissue surgically and hopefully, patients benefit from surgical treatment.
The TOS needs to do a better job of relating the College's Conceptual Framework to the actual practice of the Eight Learning Outcomes during the 25 hours of observation.
A study that used the Nottingham Self-perceived Health Profile to evaluate a sub-cohort of TOS patients found that, as a group, TOS patients felt that they were in very poor health and that they suffered from a number of health problems (Gomez et al.
We couldn't have chosen a better partner than Tideworks for the implementation of our new TOS systems.
SPARCS N4 is Navis' latest generation TOS, allowing customers the flexibility and scalability they need to run their operations at the lowest possible total cost of ownership - from a single terminal to multiple terminals across multiple geographic locations, all within a single instance.
With Tideworks' TOS, Halterm will continue to enhance its efficiency and position as a key terminal on the North American East Coast.
Luka Koper conducted a competitive bidding process to select a TOS solution to replace its Cosmos TOS, which had been in place for a number of years.
Wickramanayake stated that his team members are honoured to work with Japanese company, TOS Lanka, to manufacture quality HI-TECH components in Sri Lanka.
Added quickly and easily to any TOS customer's website as an affordable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, ATG Live Help - comprised of ATG Click to Chat, ATG Click to Call and ATG Email Response applications - enables companies to intelligently engage the right online visitors with the right assistance at the right time.
As the leading professional organization with a focus on obesity research, treatment and prevention, TOS hopes to be an integral partner of this effort in the Nation's Capital and in local communities around the country.
Tideworks' TOS will enable the operator to increase automation and productivity.