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A map of a town or a section of land that has been subdivided into lots showing the location and boundaries of individual parcels with the streets, alleys, easements, and rights of use over the land of another.

A plat is usually drawn to scale.

See: intertwine, land, plot

PLAT. A map of a piece of land, in which are marked the courses and distances of the different lines, and the quantity of land it contains.
     2. Such a plat;nay be given in evidence in ascertaining the position of the land, and what is included, and may serve to settle the figure of a survey, and correct mistakes. 5 Monr. 160. See 17 Mass. 211; 5 Greenl. 219; 7 Greenl, 61; 4 Wheat. 444; 14 Mass. 149.

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Whether the TPA will retain any legacy data beyond the termination will present additional challenges to the parties that should be considered.
Our results showed that the levels of expression of cyclin Bl and cdc2 were decreased, while the level of p21 expression was increased by 10 nM TPA treatment (Fig.
The infrastructure necessary to operate a major national TPA is so expensive that only a handful of companies can afford to make a go of it and expect to survive.
Among the patients presenting from 91 to 180 minutes--the group of most concern due to greater baseline differences in stroke severity--good outcomes with TPA vs.
TPAs should consider forming partnerships with key stop-loss carriers to develop integrated products and services that meet their clients' needs more efficiently.
Cells were treated with TPA or EGF for 30 min, washed with ice-cold phosphate-buffered saline once, then lysed with lysis buffer (2% SDS, 50 mM Tris-HCl pH 7.
We considered 65 and 95 units/L as tentative optimal cutoff values for TPS and TPA, respectively.
Every TPA contract should include a series of goals and objectives that the TPA is expected to meet or exceed.
Healtheon and The TPA plan to expand their services to allow members to check claim status information and to connect members with physicians.
The research looked at tissue plasminogen activator, TPA, an enzyme that dissolves clots.