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Therefore, studies on TPB should be conducted to identify the most influential intention to use insecticides, in order to identify any appropriate problem solving method.
The TPB constructs can be used to predict not only college students' condom use behaviors but also they can be used to promote consistent use of condoms among college students.
The factors that emerged can be named in terms of the underlying TPB framework: Factor 1--Attitudes; Factor 2--Perceived Behavioural Controls; and Factor 3--Subjective Norms.
This type of analysis allows for simultaneous confirmatory model testing, which was deemed appropriate for evaluating an established model like the TPB.
The data analyses identified three factors that represented the TPB constructs of attitude, subjective norm, and perceived behavioral control.
Linear regressions were computed to test potential predictions by the TPB for each SH incident and two-way MANOVAs were used to explore potential differences in the TPB variables based on the respondents' gender and year of enrollment.
This study may also help to understand why research in the context of the TRA or the TPB has generally not found a significant impact of social norms (see Albaracin et al.
The dashed line indicates that the actual behavior was not tested in this study but the construct is included for completeness of illustrating the TPB.
However, there is a primary difference between these two theories in the sense that TPB has added perceived behavioral control (PBC) as the determinant of behavioral intention, as well as control beliefs that affect PBC.
The TPBO is a tremendous asset and can provide a list of unit TPB accounts; a sample Department of the Army Form 3161, Request for Issue or Turn-In; and a point of contact list for all TPBOs in country.