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n. legal slang for temporary restraining order.

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Calderdale says 7,000 fines dating back to 2008 could be refunded as the council was unable to legally enforce them due to errors made to a TRO.
But others, such as those who got a ticket for being on yellow lines, could argue they have a case because the whole TRO is unenforceable due to the law.
Never mind that some of the terms had predecisional in parenthesis, we now had details for each term and a helpful listing of TRO responsibilities needed to identify the oversight of three geographically separated battalions.
United Airlines' TRO was issued 17 November and the airline claims that the mechanics are trying to pressure management into labour contract talks.
In the 3 months after the TRO took effect, the area experienced a 38.
In rejecting RIM's arguments against the issuance of a TRO, the court found that, "The BBX mark is identical to the mark which RIM is allegedly using to present its BBX product (TRO page 8).
But he said the council's new TRO changes the wording that Leithead says make the orders illegal.
The TRO is related to ClearOne's lawsuit styled, ClearOne Communications, Inc.
Under the TRO program, NATC has established Cornerstone Advisors Trust Services, a private-labeled trust services brand through which Cornerstone will market trust and trustee services administered by NATC.
Upon receipt earlier this week of the District Court's opinion explaining the reasoning for their December 8th Order lifting the December 4th TRO, we believed that there were errors which warranted appeal of the decision.