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Chip packages with BGA attachments generally use much less area and save valuable mounting space on circuit boards as compared to TSOPs.
The latest addition to Staktek's family of Flash-memory stacking products is based on its proven TSOP stacking technologies, which have been deployed in more than 190 million memory products to date.
They are available in discrete TSOP or BGA packaging or the die can be combined with SRAM, Pseudo SRAM or NAND Flash in multi-chip packages (MCP) to meet the increasingly demanding memory requirements of feature-rich cellular phones.
Staktek offers a complete line of TSOP and Chip Scale Package (CSP) chip-stacking technologies, along with ArctiCore(TM), a module technology designed for superior thermal, mechanical and electrical performance in enterprise and consumer electronics.
In addition to the existing 48-pin Thin Small Outline Package (TSOP) Type-1 measuring 12 millimeters (mm) x 20mm used to house Toshiba's previously-released 8Mb SRAMs, Toshiba has added two smaller packages including a 48-pin TSOP Type-1 measuring 12mm x 14mm, and a space-saving 48-pin Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array (FBGA) package measuring 7mm x 7mm.