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For our readers' information, the famous Morning TV show host, Shaista, recently got divorced from her husband.
An American TV show host dared to bring up these indiscretions with Mel this week, and it ended with Gibson calling him an a**hole.
As the book opens, Miguel Angel and staff are preparing one of their clients for her wedding to a wealthy gossip blogger and cable TV show host, Kingman "King" Oden, 61 years old and boorish almost beyond belief.
A TV show host should be someone who empathises with the hopefuls, not someone who laughs at what he calls their sob stories.
He is no longer a TV show host and remains the party leader.
The chewing gum ads feature a TV show host and hostess approaching the public with an oversized Orbit Complete suitcase containing plaque-fighting white suits.
Justin Rose, tied for the lead going into today's final round, had pitcher Roger Clemens, TV show host Carson Daly and comedian Jeff Altman in his group Saturday.
Mino wins Guinness certificate as busiest TV show host
To be cut off from making a really good point or argument by a radio or TV show host.
He talks about, but does not name, the TV show host who insists that everyone on his show appear to be shorter than he.
and acting as a TV show host ''Watashi No Himitsu'' (My secret).
As Professor Winnie Monsod [economist and TV show host Solita Monsod] said, we are just beginning.