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By removing the tabernacle, they say, the church has effectively exiled Jesus.
The demand is usually not for a return to the pre-Vatican II design, but for placing the tabernacle in a central spot behind the altar or in some other immediately visible place.
But the tug of war over the tabernacle is fueled by some of the deepest tensions in contemporary Catholicism.
It makes clear how the ideas about church architecture and the place of the tabernacle discussed in CI, on the one hand, and the idea about priests and parish assistants discussed above, hang together.
Other statements, made by the Archbishop in Ottawa fit the same pattern of wanting the tabernacle moved out of sight:
For the last twenty years I have felt very awkward when celebrating Mass in the presence of the tabernacle.
The appendices present documents on foundry problems and techniques of casting various works, and summarize information on the tabernacle Jacopo del Duca made after Michelangelo's designs.
In the case of Domus Dei, the Conference made it absolutely clear that its recommendations, especially on removing the tabernacle, are slated for flat out rejection.
The prominent place is the altar and the tabernacle.
22), an evident manifestation of the lessening of faith in the Holy Eucharist is the location of the tabernacle in many of our churches.
The sun is just beginning to rise on another clear, warm day as she prays in the chapel, and it makes the stained-glass window above the tabernacle glow with bright colors.
As the children wander around the church, Lynn genuflects before the tabernacle, makes the sign of the cross, and then kneels on the floor.