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Roger Karban reminds us in his masterfully written piece that we are all tabernacles, all vessels of Christ.
If the priest puts all of the hosts left over from Mass in the tabernacle with only some of them intended to be given to the sick and imprisoned, the article seems to state that Jesus exits the hosts that he knows won't actually be given as Communion but he stays in those that will be received.
In many parishes, the tabernacle is treated as though it were just a "storage area".
Then in Liturgy #4, our architectural commentator Nicholas Burn analyses the place of the tabernacle within the Church.
It makes clear how the ideas about church architecture and the place of the tabernacle discussed in CI, on the one hand, and the idea about priests and parish assistants discussed above, hang together.
In the wake of Vatican II, when the altar was turned around so the priest could face the people, the tabernacle in most churches was placed in a side chapel or some off-center location.
By removing the tabernacle, they say, the church has effectively exiled Jesus.
In the following chapter, Montagu explores later seventeenth-century Roman gilt bronze tabernacles, including Bernini's tabernacle for St.
The appendices present documents on foundry problems and techniques of casting various works, and summarize information on the tabernacle Jacopo del Duca made after Michelangelo's designs.
observed: "If tabernacles are reinstated it will help restore a sense of prayer to our churches.
Dying religious orders, priests quitting, few vocations, a free-sexual revolution, sky-rocketing divorces, abortions, sterilizations, contraception, STDs, insensitivity to sin, rejection of Confession, side-line tabernacles, entertainer celebrants, feminists invading the Church, dissident theologians.
Before me the gold tabernaclesits on a marble altar, and attached to the tabernacle is a monstrance in which a consecrated Host is exposed.