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Increasing demand for Tablet PCs from education and healthcare sectors coupled with anticipated decline in average selling prices to drive Tablet PC adoption in UAE through 2019
The tablet PC targets commercial market, embracing X86 framework, rather than ARM, and Window 8 professional operating system.
The Stylistic ST5032 Tablet PC also comes with an optional Bluetooth PAN and a choice of Atheros Super AG802.
1-inch slate tablet PC has gained widespread acceptance because its dimensions, when viewed from the top, approximate those of a sheet of paper.
Still the devices aren't without their detractors; citing the tablet's high price point and newfangled touch-screen interface, industry analysts say they're skeptical the tablet PC will have any significant mass-market impact on the academic environment until it becomes more affordable for people to sample.
THE TABLET RULES Whether or not you end up reading your newspaper electronically, I'm sure of one thing--the tablet PC is the form factor of the future for portable computing.
The world has seen aggressive competition among tablet PC manufacturers after the launch of iPad from Apple.
According to UAE Tablet PC Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2019, the Tablet PC market in the UAE is forecast to cross US$1.
a major contract manufacturer of personal computers in Taiwan, has received big-ticket orders for tablet PCs from Hewlett Packard (HP), said a subcontractor.
Many vertical markets were accustomed to pen-based computing, and saw the Tablet PC as giving them the flexibility of pen-based computing plus access to all software that runs on Microsoft's XP operating system," said Brian O'Rourke, a senior analyst with In-Stat/MDR.
These are just some of the education uses for the Tablet PC envisioned by former teacher Mary Cullinane, Microsoft's K-12 segment manager.
The ease of use and multi-task ability is driving enterprises to experience Tablet PC in workplace rather than traditional PC's or notebooks.