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Microsoft's new tablet computer was designed to be a platform for Windows, Sinofsky said, as he compared the challenger to Apple's iPad.
This year non-Apple tablet computers are expected to take 30-40% market share to drive Unity's LED backlight shipments to 10 million units this year, to generate demand for about 300 million LED chips.
Compared to typical desktop computing scenarios, the use of media tablet computers is associated with high head and neck flexion postures, and there may be more of a concern for the development of neck and shoulder discomfort," said lead investigator Jack T.
Japan's Toshiba showcased what it calls "the world's thinnest and lightest" tablet computer, equipped with a 10.
Tenders are invited for Rugged Tablet Computer And Gis Software
Nelson Peralta, the victim's boyfriend, had told investigators that Catanghal's cell phone with its SIM card, his wallet, a pouch and a tablet computer were missing.
said Wednesday it will launch its own brand of tablet computer from mid-July in the United States, Britain, Canada and Australia.
1 tablet computer in Germany after a court ruled Friday that its design "too closely" resembles Apple's iPad2.
Shih also said that Acer's forthcoming tablet computer, which has a seven-inch screen, would take advantage of the fact that consumers want low-priced and convenient products.
Beijing: Four people were taken to hospital and a glass door smashed as a near-riot broke out at Beijing s top Apple store among crowds rushing to snap up the popular iPad 2 tablet computer, state press said Sunday.
Summary: San Francisco, May 31, 2010, SPA -- The international debut of Apple&'s hit new iPad at the weekend have pushed total sales of the tablet computer to over 2 million units, Apple announced today, according to dpa.