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In this TABULAR DATA OMITTED TABULAR DATA OMITTED TABULAR DATA OMITTED example, the MSV is greater than 100% and, therefore, is "out of control" based on the committee's recommendation.
This example shows coded TABULAR DATA OMITTED Working Bond values from an automated sand system.
Foundries, consistent users TABULAR DATA OMITTED of reclaimed copper ingot, produced nearly 400 tons of copper and copper-base castings.
Heat is recovered from TABULAR DATA OMITTED TABULAR DATA OMITTED the discharged sand to provide preheating of the combustion air up to 900F.
Since most foundry fluxes are a mixture of metal halide salt powders, they are stable at room temperature and don't present much of a hazard, although they may produce dusts that TABULAR DATA OMITTED can irritate mucous membranes.
Early experimental work, the results of industrial trials and the experience of licensed users of the process indicate TABULAR DATA OMITTED that ductile iron produced with this process has a higher nodule count than conventionally produced irons in the microstructures.
Historically, the decision support component of a BI solution is based on the analysis of tabular data.
PARCEL addresses creation, maintenance, and access of both graphic and tabular data about a parcel.
All other information in the earlier earnings release and all tabular data were correctly stated.
The data sources include relational databases, hierarchical databases, index file systems, system files, text files, and even applications that can present themselves as tabular data providers.