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Professor Tony Prescott said: "This latest research suggests that alongside becoming warm-blooded, giving birth to live young, and having an enlarged brain, the emergence of a new tactile sense based on moveable facial whiskers was an important step along the evolutionary path to modern mammals.
When different constructions and designs are used, the surfaces of flooring can be varied, thus enabling the consumer to distinguish the products in an optical and in a tactile sense.
Also, a fine writing instrument offers a tactile sense of quality, professionalism, and uniqueness in this age of email and electronic communication.
But I believe this more in a philosophical than a tactile sense.
The link between our tactile sense and aural sense begins with listening to the tone produced when keys are treated differently.
Or their tactile sense may be insensitive, causing them to bang their hands or bite themselves because it is the only way they can feel pressure.
These peninsulas take the water between thumb and finger/like women feeling for the smoothness of yard-goods," wrote American poet Elizabeth Bishop in "The Map," recognizing what sighted people take for granted: that maps have, besides their vibrant, coded colors, a wonderful, tactile sense.
In addition to obvious formal affinities and shared contextual preoccupations on this particular site, Holl's tactile sense of detail could hardly find a more distinguished precedent.