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To assume control or management of a corporation without necessarily obtaining actual title to it.

A takeover bid or tender offer is a proposal made by one company to purchase shares of stock of another company, in order to acquire control thereof.


Mergers and Acquisitions.


noun acquirement of a corporation, acquisition of a company, appropriation, assumption of control over management, assumption of ownership, obtainment, procurement, procurement of a business, purchase: acquirement, assumption, attainment, possession, procuration, securement
Associated concepts: corporate raider, corporate takeover, friendly takeover, hostile takeover, tender offer, white knight


verb arrogate, assume, command, seize, take command, take charge, take possession, usurp
See also: condemnation
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The Takeovers Panel is a mechanism for peer review of takeovers activity and facilitates an efficient, expeditious and less formal process of regulating takeovers in Australia.
Readers against outright government intervention might not that takeovers, especially hostile ones, are anyway often more difficult in other countries.
The Takeover Panel has now revealed proposals to make hostile takeovers more difficult, although it rejected some of the more radical calls for overhaul.
The fight for control of Los Angeles Unified escalated Tuesday, with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa lobbying union and business leaders in Sacramento and the district flying in opponents of takeover efforts from around the country.
They point out that government resistance against foreign takeovers is just a relic of earlier attempts in Europe to shape national industrial policies, policies which have failed for the most part, and that such resistance is, therefore, just a backlash against inevitable change.
The approval process required for takeovers * The requirements/restrictions most commonly associated with takeover business * Special considerations that are granted if a takeover case is approved * New applications/enrollment forms required for takeover cases * Coverage changes that are allowed at the time of takeover * The enrollment process used * Commissions paid on this business
General shareholders are clearly paying a high price for rules that defend managements against proxy fights and hostile takeovers.
A recent survey indicated that 38 percent of individuals have been victims of account takeover.
But what happens when your company is the subject of a hostile takeover, and each role pulls you in a different direction?
In addition, the IRS issued an industry specialization program (ISP) paper on April 24, 1991, relating to costs incurred by corporations in defending themselves against hostile takeovers, including when a corporation is taken over in a leveraged buyout.
In December 1989, articles first appeared in the New York Times and the Wall Steet Journal alerting the capitalist world to a new anti takeover corporate law proposed in Pennsylvania.
Perhaps more significant than the narrow ruling relating to friendly takeovers was the direction the Court took in deciding INDOPCO.