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How can I be expected to avoid taking sides in the ongoing conflict between the GE-len movement and a government whose legitimacy has become deeply suspect after the revelation of the gravest corruption scandal in the history of the republic?
WILLIAM Hague was yesterday forced to deny taking sides in Syria's escalating civil war - after announcing plans to step up support for the rebels.
She said, "As Syria bleeds, we must eschew the temptation of taking sides.
Any military intervention in Syria would be different and would amount to taking sides in a civil conflict.
Whatever rewards David Cameron gleans from taking sides in what was a civil war, we can rest assured it will not be for the benefit of the people of Libya.
The step has been taken as a precautionary measure to avoid being dragged into a political row and seen to be taking sides in the general election there in November.
President Michel Sleiman is not neutral but is taking sides," the MP said.
Mind you, I am not taking sides - just making an observation
Instead, the Americans are taking sides openly with the Jewish state and indirectly declaring war on the Arab and Muslim states, Ayyoub added.
Local media comment that the prime minister refused to attend the consecration so as not to be misunderstood and to avoid taking sides in the church dispute.
DOWNING Street has denied Conservative accusations that Prime Minister Gordon Brown was taking sides in the US presidential election.
I AM not taking sides on the matter, but I think everyone writing and talking about the Mills/McCartney divorce should remember that there is a little girl involved in all of this.