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TALLIES, evidence. The parts of a piece of wood out in two, which persons use to denote the quantity of goods supplied by one to the other. Poth. Obl. pt. 4, c. 1, art. 2, Sec. 7.

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Tight Oil Tallies is the perfect resource for anyone with a stake in the oil patch performance of US shale oil companies, such as equity analysts, private equity investors, midstream companies, policymakers, and energy market analysts," said Ben Montalbano, co-founder of PetroNerds.
Every miner had two personalised metal tallies that identified them - one went to the 'banksman' to hang on the tally board when they went down the pit, and one stayed with them until they surfaced.
Several analyses dating back to 2003 have identified security vulnerabilities in DREs that could allow an attacker to secretly alter vote tallies or disrupt polling.
He said he's used the tallies in his own research of the great-tailed grackle, a bird found only in Texas a century ago but now seen as far away as Montana and South Dakota, as well as in California.