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IT asset tracking products, from suppliers such as Tally Systems, are mainly used to monitor changes made to an asset's configuration; portfolio management software, from, for example, MRO Software, concentrates more on the relationship between on an asset and its contractual elements, such as cost, depreciation and warranty terms, says Robert McNeill, an analyst at market research company Giga Information Group.
Accurate inventory is the key first step to nearly every IT project, and especially to the process of electronic software distribution; you've got to know what's on the desktop before you can update or push new software to it," said Ted Jastrzembski, president and CEO of Tally Systems.
As a vendor of IT asset tracking and inventory software, Tally Systems has been placed in an odd position by the BSA campaign - on the one hand, we agree that doing an inventory and staying legal with your licences is a good thing; on the other hand, we deplore the heavy-handed tactics being utilised by the BSA to achieve this end.
Lebanon-based Tally Systems, the world's leading supplier of innovative technology investment and technology delivery products, said that their customers who have implemented Tally's TS.
The Novell (NASDAQ:NOVL) acquisition of Tally Systems and Opsware's (NASDAQ:OPSW) purchase of Tangram Enterprise Solutions confirms the trend toward convergence of configuration management and asset inventory point products creating a new breed of solution aimed at closing-the-loop on IT asset management.
SALT LAKE CITY, BrainShare(R) 2005, March 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Novell today announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Tally Systems Corp.
Our extensive experience in gathering accurate and detailed information about hardware and software will not only help Ford Motor Company keep track of these widely distributed and dynamic IT assets, but also help serve as a key competitive edge by facilitating decisions about new technology and speeding its implementation," said Ted Jastrzembski, president and CEO of Tally Systems.
WASHINGTON -- The Business Software Alliance (BSA), the Washington, DC-based international association representing the world's leading software publishers, today announced its expanded partnership with Tally Systems Corp.
Helping organizations to identify unnecessary software and reduce software overlicensing, Tally Systems today announced the release of TS.
a leading provider of support center management software solutions, has formed a strategic alliance with Tally Systems Corporation, a leading provider of innovative IT asset tracking solutions for help desk support centers and end users.