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These ingredients can, however, be weighed and the quantity added can be stored in the tally system for accounting purposes.
Escudero reiterated his objection to the so-called hybrid elections after the Comelec stated that the Precinct Automated Tally System (PATaS), which would combine manual and automated processes, remains an option for the poll body in next year's elections.
Tenders are invited for elections ballot tally system replacement
Secretary of State's Office spokesman Evan Goldberg said the county is switching its vote-counting system from the Micro Tally System to the GEMS II system.
Despite objections raised by a citizens' poll watch group, the Precinct Automated Tally System (PATaS) remains an option for the Commission on Elections in next year's national elections.
The county uses an aging Microcomputer Tally System in its central headquarters to count votes that have been cast at thousands of precincts.
It's a tally system,'' said Michael Ullman, senior Internet specialist for AT&T.
Novell has announced that it has completed the acquisition of Tally Systems Corp.
International software publishers' association Business Software Alliance (BSA) has expanded its partnership with Tally Systems, a developer of software asset management and licence compliance solutions.
Configuration management, license compliance and end-user support software supplier Tally Systems has launched version 3.
Suppliers, who include Computer Associates, IBM, Peregrine Systems, Tally Systems, Tangram, and MRO Software, all say their customers save money and gain greater control over their business using their software.