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Smith suggested that the Tallys open a hotel near his winery, so Richard and Jean went to California's wine country to gather ideas.
Whittaker hasn't set any personal scoring tallys but accepts he'll need to start chipping in from the Rangers engine room if he wants to keep his place because competition for spots in Smith's side is cut-throat.
QUENTIN JONES (GARRY) Cockney wide-boy Garry is the party animal womaniser who tallys up how many punters the reps have slept with.
His average tallys for the preceding campaigns was in the high 20's but so far this term he's only notched two winners from some 130 rides.
Tally observes, "In the second and third centuries, Gnostic speculators commended Eve for taking the initiative in seeking wisdom, and saw the serpent as an emancipator" (Daniel Burston qtd.