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Tammany Hall

Political machines have traditionally wielded influence in U.S. society, and one of the most notorious was Tammany Hall in New York. Controlled by the Democratic Party, the power of Tammany Hall grew to such an extent that its members dominated New York government for nearly two centuries.

Founded by William Mooney in 1789, Tammany Hall was originally a fraternal and patriotic organization first called the Society of St. Tammany, or the Columbian Order. The name Tammany evolved from Tamanend, a legendary Delaware Indian chief, and the members of Tammany Hall used many Indian words to designate their various titles. Each trustee was a sachem, and the presiding officer was a grand sachem; the only person to receive the honor of great grand sachem was a president of the United States. The member who served as secretary was known as a scribe, and the building that housed the Tammany meetings was called a wigwam.

From these innocent beginnings, Tammany Hall grew into a political force. Affiliates of the organization actively participated in politics in the early nineteenth century. In 1812 the association moved into the first Tammany Hall with a membership of approximately fifteen hundred members. By 1821 the association was receiving widespread support in New York City. Unfortunately Tammany Hall was also gaining a reputation for corruption, control, and subterfuge.In 1854 Tammany Hall member Fernando Wood was elected mayor of New York City. From then until 1933, City Hall was dominated almost exclusively by Tammany Hall.

The most corrupt and infamous member of Tammany Hall was William Marcy Tweed, called "Boss" Tweed. He served as a state senator in 1868 and, with his followers, known as the Tweed Ring, dominated state government and defrauded New York City of millions of dollars.

The corruption continued under subsequent Tammany Hall leaders, such as "Honest John" Kelly, Richard F. Croker, and Charles F. Murphy. By 1930, however, Samuel Seabury had begun to direct revealing inquiries against the city magistrates' courts. These investigations led to the downfall of Tammany Hall and the resignation of incumbent mayor James J. Walker in 1932. Fiorello LaGuardia was elected mayor in 1933, and an anti-Tammany Hall era began. The once-powerful Tammany Hall machine was resurrected briefly in the 1950s by politician Carmine DeSapio but never regained the stronghold in New York politics that it once enjoyed.

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Meanwhile, Tammany politicians were coming to see the need for broader legislative responses to the problems their voters faced; housing reform would go further than Christmas baskets.
IN RECENT YEARS, HOWEVER, SCHOLARS have come to see Tammany in a different light.
Geils Band, which started out at Worcester Polytechnic Institute before becoming a national headlining act, honed their collective musical chops at Tammany Hall, as well as Worcester's keyboard virtuoso Al Arsenault, who has also called the Hall home.
For Tammany, baseball was another avenue for pursuing financial gains.
All this, plus his ability to obtain firewood for cold citizens in the wintertime, candy for children at Christmastime, and contributions for various charitable organizations all year round, made Charlie Anderson for blacks what Tammany Hall leaders of the era were for many whites; a benevolent political figure with the "pull" to get people's needs met when the government bureaucracy failed them.
Tammany Parish for the years 1970-2004 were obtained from the U.
Tammany Parish, on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain in southeastern Louisiana (15).
Though the lore of Tammany Hall may provide both the vicarious thrills derived from reading of brazen wrong-doing and the satisfying spectacle of thwarted justice eventually taking its course, it seems undeniable that accounts of the Tammany years excite and hold the attention of modern Americans for the same reason that accounts of the reigns of Caligula, Nero, and Elagabalus do: The events they describe are offenses against every political piety that clouds our atmosphere, offenses thoroughly, wickedly enjoyable to read of at our sufficient distance.
The former champion has good chances on all his three mounts and I expect him to land a double on Tammany and Ask Jenny.
Tammany Parish Sheriff's office after allegedly conning two local families out of more than $40,000.
Tammany Hall ruled New York for the sake of the wealthy, ships daily brought hundreds of immigrants escaping Europe's pogroms and poverty, and factory-made clothing was replacing traditional homemade.