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The goal of) this program is to open doors and to get different Aboriginal coaches involved," Tange said.
No que tange as Forcas Armadas, Escobar apresenta os problemas que demandam do fraco sistema de controle civil-militar que persiste na regiao: resistencia a mudancas, crise de identidade institucional, conflitos de legitimidade funcional com as policias e ainda a ingerencia de governos externos.
Concurrent archive research was carried out on the documentation produced by Kenzo Tange Associates, the LDT and other institutions concerned in the development of Lumbini.
Two figures stand out in the history of the department -- Sir Frederick Shedden and Sir Arthur Tange.
26) Largely because of the Tange report's singular provenance, comparatively narrow perspective and obvious subjectivity, the changes did not, and were not designed to, reform the basic problems that had bedevilled the Australian politico-military interface and higher defence management arrangements since the 1930s.
Japanese architect Kenzo Tange designed the plan to honor the birthplace of the Buddha.
Equally, the truly international nature of architecture today is seen in Pakistan in the folded concrete roof and the towering Ottoman-style minarets of the King Faisal Masjid, Islamabad (1986), designed by the Turkish architect Vedat Dalokay or the sculptural King Faisal Foundation Mosque (1982), by the Japanese architect Kenzo Tange, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Algunas de las novelas mas leidas en Suecia recientemente han sido: Vagen hem, de Rosamunde Pitcher (sobre el amor y las tristezas de una muchacha); Stjanor utan svindel, de Louise Boije at Gennas (sobre un amor lesbico); Simone och jag, de Asa Moberg (sobre los conflictos de unas adolescentes); y Sa tange sotrosorna, de Viveca Lam (sobre los conflictos de mujeres en la edad madura).