Tangible property

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tangible property

n. physical articles (things) as distinguished from "incorporeal" assets such as rights, patents, copyrights, and franchises. Commonly tangible property is called "personalty." (See: intangible property, personal property, personalty)

TANGIBLE PROPERTY. That which may be felt or touched; it must necessarily be corporeal, but it may be real or personal. A house and a horse are, each, tangible property. The terni is used in contradistinction to property not tangible. By the latter expression, is; meant that kind of property which, though in possession as respects the right, and, consequently, not strictly choses in action, yet differ; from goods, because they are neither tangible nor visible, though the thing produced from the right be perfectly so. In this class may be mentioned copyrights and patent-rights. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 467, 478.

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Under ASC Topic 740, Income Taxes, the effects of new legislation under the final tangible property regulations shall be recognized in an entity's financial statements at the date of enactment (ASC Paragraph 740-10-25-47) and included in tax expense attributable to continuing operations (ASC Paragraph 740-10-45-15).
After nearly a decade in the making, the final tangible property regulations have arrived.
The proposed "tangibles regulations" published in the Federal Register on August 21, 2006 (1) largely refine and clarify rather than fundamentally change the decades-old criteria for distinguishing between deductible expenses incurred to repair and maintain tangible property and capitalized costs incurred to acquire, produce, or improve such property.
For example, property and casualty policies usually cover tangible property, but now there's a trend toward excluding electronic data as tangible property, with insurance companies creating electronic-data endorsements to enhance coverage.
Open competition: provision of a set of measures aimed at protecting the tangible property of the facility, providing in-house and throughput regimes of the gagarinsky district council for 2018
Concluding a process that began more than 10 years ago, the IRS released the final set of guidance last summer related to the tangible property regulations.
9564; REG-168745-03) regarding the treatment of expenditures incurred in acquiring, producing or improving tangible assets, including rules on determining whether costs related to tangible property are deductible repairs or capital improvements.
6) Tangible personal property is defined as tangible property other than land and buildings, and excludes personal property described elsewhere in section 199 or the Notice (such as software, sound recordings, and films).
Coverage for liability to third parties typically defines covered "property damage" to include "physical injury to tangible property including all resulting loss of use of that property" and "loss of use of tangible property that is not physically injured.
Open competition: provision of a set of measures aimed at protecting the tangible property of objects, software intrabuilding and admission control at the facilities of gbu highways sad in 2016